Flowery Food

April 29, 2012

Food-Flower_FoodIsn’t this the prettiest plate of food to be put in front of you? Well I thought so which is why I had to take a photo before eating it! I was having Lunch at ‘The Petersham Nurseries’ in Richmond with some friends. It is an amazing place. Brad and Angelina have moved into the house next door and the nurseries have been plundered to make their new home look very English and, I would imagine, stunning.

If you want to add colour to your salads just some of the flowers to go for are Small Nasturtium, Chive Flowers, Borage Flowers, Tyme Flowers, Viola, Fennel Flowers.

There are heaps more and I found a website which will send them to you all boxed ready for your creativity. The green salad ingredient needs to be the smaller leaf type like rocket or cress – in fact anything that isn’t going to dwarf and take over from the delicate flowers.

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