Flies and burning coffee

August 17, 2016

How burning inexpensive ground used of fresh coffee keeps the flies away.

My top floor apartment faces the River Thames which is a true joy, however at this time of the year the dreaded river flies can ruin the beautiful experience. As evening falls and you think of sitting out on the balcony or just having the French windows open, while you potter around, watching TV, cooking or entertaining friends attracted to the light these unwelcome visitors have joined you in their hundreds for the night. Not to be beaten I have waged war on my visitors with sprays, citronella candles, smoke sticks, fly paper and even electronic zappers but my new favourite and best is the cheapest burning ground coffee the little sods just hate it. Use dried used coffee or buy the cheapest you can find (thanks to George Clooney I’m capsules only) tip into a small bowl light with a match and the smoke will definitely keep them away.

I picked the trick up from a housekeeper of a Villa I stayed in over the summer however when checking it out I came across this website which has some environmental and lifestyle gems in it.

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