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Dorothy Purdew’s 80th birthday party

February 23, 2012

blog-Dorothys_80th_640x426I went to The Dorchester this week for the 80th Birthday Party of a wonderful and inspirational lady, Dorothy Purdew. Many years ago she began a small spa called Henlow Grange which I visited back in ’92 as her guest. There I met Dorothy and her son Stephen and over the years I’ve known them seen the duo expanded and build on Dorothy’s dream, eventually taking over one of the great names in Spa’s – Champneys. For this milestone of a Birthday she was surrounded by family and friends and the evening couldn’t have been warmer and more heartening.

Dorothy is photographed here with me and our mutual friend Tom Edbrooke from British Airways.


Always a joy to be with Barbra Windsor – great smile!


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