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Discussing the Chrysanthea Bag with Sarah Haran!

August 15, 2021

As many of you know, we have had a long standing relationship with TV sensation, Anthea Turner, so we were thrilled to bits when she agreed to collaborate on a bag with us, called none other than the Chrysanthea. 

The Chrysanthea is a stunning leather handbag which can be worn crossbody, or as a shoulder bag, and has the trademark detachable smaller pocket bag on the front, which everybody knows the Sarah Haran range for! After all, it wouldn’t be a true Sarah Haran bag if there wasn’t a way that you could restyle it.

Meticulously crafted, the Chrysanthea is eminently practical and effortlessly stylish. Made for modern living, it comes in 4 sumptuous colourways of aubergine, caramel, blue pearl and black, and will undoubtedly add sense of style and fun to any outfit.

Anthea says: “I love the quality and flexibility of Sarah Haran Bags which is why I have been working with the brand for over a year now. So, when she asked me to design my own bag in her range I jumped at the chance. We had so much fun working together to create the perfect balance of functionality and style. Sarah is the pro when it comes to these things so she took the lead but I was pleased to add my voice and ensure it has all the space us women need with pockets for everything whilst adding stylish touches to keep it on trend. I am so pleased with the end result because it is big enough to house all our essentials but not too bulky for everyday use. The detachable pocket bag on the front is so clever because you can use it for additional belongings, or remove it to use as a separate clutch, shoulder or cross bag! I think it must be the most versatile handbag on the market and I’m so proud to put my name to the Chrysanthea.”

Sarah says: “It was an absolute delight to work with Anthea on this project. Anthea is well known for her amazing organising skills. Sarah Haran handbags are designed to not only bring joy, but are beautifully functional, so it was a perfect partnership”

So we caught up with the lady herself to talk about our favourite subject, handbags!

How important is your handbag?

Well, your handbag is an extension of you isn’t it? It’s your little piece of home when you are not there, so it acts as your support with all you need for your day or night in one place so it’s a vital piece of kit. We owe it to ourselves to invest in them and take care of them. I’m a great believer in buying clothes from the high street at affordable prices that we can wear for just a season if we like, but when it comes to your handbag I feel it needs to be more of an ‘investment piece’. It’s an accessory that can’t just look good, it has to feel good and be functional at the same time, wear after wear, year after year. So, I’m a strong believer in spending that bit more for quality craftsmanship and classic style that will deliver all your needs for years to come.


What were your main considerations when designing the bag?

I had a lot of demands when it came to designing the ‘perfect bag’! I was keen for it to be truly flexible and cope with all the elements of our week. Women lead very busy and varied lives these days and I wanted the Chrysanthea to be able to cope with it all.

First on my list was a good business bag. It had to be able to hold my MacBook air and all the paraphernalia I need for work. (Equally if you are a busy mum you can get nappies and all the baby bits you need in there too). But I also wanted it to suit me on the weekends too. I made sure the bag can do a basic overnight stay so it can take a pair of shoes and a roll up dress for a night out, the essential clean undies and T shirt for the next day PLUS toiletries, make up bag and my purse. The beauty of this 2 in 1 design which is a signature of Sarah Haran Bags is that the small pouch bag on the front can be detached and used a clutch bag (or you can add and chain strap) when you go out in the evening. I made sure if was big enough for the essential girls out – credit card, keys, phone, lippy and you are good to go! It really is fully flexible and can adapt to all your needs. It’s like a real-life Mary Poppins bag but with a tad more panache than her carpet bag!

What are your favourite features of the bag?

The detachable 2 in 1 element is a key feature of Sarah Haran bags and I wanted it to be prominent in this design too. It gives total flexibility to how you use the bag so there are plenty of pockets for all your bits and pieces.

The integral key chain is genius because you attach your keys to the end of it and you always know where they are – no more rooting around in the dark for those lost little blighters – they will always be there at the end of your chain which is long enough to reach from the bag into your front door lock.

Where did the name Chrysanthea come from?

Sarah tends to name her bags after women’s names or after flowers – so we decided to merge the two and came up with Chrysanthea! It’s a traditional flower that reflects the bags classic qualities.

Anthea is actually a Greek name that means ‘flowery’, so it all ties in quite nicely.

What tips would you give people when looking for an ‘investment’ handbag?

There are so many gorgeous bags on the market we are spoilt for choice but I would always recommend not to get your head turned by a designer label that is all style and no substance. Most of us have relented and purchased a glamorous label that has cost us a small fortune but only goes with one outfit in our wardrobe or is just a loose bucket in which we spend months of our lives hunting for our purse! So, I would always suggest looking for traditional craftsmanship which will endure the years yet be stylish and practical. Make sure it fits all your needs and is versatile enough to be worn for years to come. Sarah Haran bags come with endless mix and matches and a lifetime guarantee so you really can’t go wrong!

What would we find in your handbag?

I’m known for being pretty organised so apart from the essentials (purse, keys, makeup bag, phone etc) I usually take with me a face spritz (I often make my own with distilled water and essential oils) because they work as a great ‘pick me up’ when your skin is feeling tired on a busy day.

I always carry a notebook and pen. I know you can make lists etc on your phone but I think you can’t beat the written word and it stops me forgetting anything important.

Like a squirrel, I always keep some nuts on hand. They are packed with protein and really keep away any hunger pangs and stop you reaching for the sweeties or crisps when out and about.

I’m never without Soho’s poo bags and biscuits. Soho is my French Bulldog and he goes pretty much everywhere with me so my handbag has to make sure his needs are met too.

And of course, a bottle of water – it helps with skin, mood, and energy levels – hydration is key ladies!

You can purchase the bags here!

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