Dead Feb

February 15, 2023

It’s February or ‘Dead Feb’ as it’s known in our house, nothing really happens, no trips, no sunshine no leaves on trees. So I am doing a crazy declutter- it is positively forensic and after the bin liners have left for the local charity shop, I will clean like a woman possessed by the e-cloth devil. The good thing about February is, with no distractions we can nest, sort, fix and do all the jobs we put off because of Christmas but really should get sorted before Spring.
I don’t actually get ‘Spring Cleaning’ because isn’t that the time you want to be soaking up the Easter warmth witnessing shoots of better things to come, be in your garden, local park and perking up your window boxes and balconies? That is why I get off the blocks early and Dead Feb is the perfect time. For the last few days, I’ve been looking around asking, what myself what can I freshen up indoors before those buds arrives on the tree outside of my office where I’m writing to you from. Living in a show home must be so stressful, home is your nest, the place you feel safe, laugh, entertain, cry and regenerate! It is a reflection of you. With great accuracy I can read a home like a book I can tell you the owners state of mind, influences, passions, and even dreams. I also strongly believe that sprucing up a tired home has the most uplifting effect on your wellbeing. So, looking around, does your home reflect you at your best or your worst? If the latter, don’t be a slacker, roll up your sleeves channel your inner Turner declutter and clean. I’m talking everything here – the full works – be ruthless. Then the fun bit, the refresh. These are subtle things that make a difference from a new matt outside your front door to a collection of matching towels bought from a supermarket, TKMax or online (don’t waste the old ones -cut them into cloths) If you want to get your mind-set right, pretend you’re selling your home… what would you not want strangers to see? Toothbrushes? Put them in a cupboard. Cleaning products by the side of the toilet? Put them in a cupboard. Spices, salt and pepper out by the side of the cooker collecting dirt and grease? Put them in a cupboard!! Things that people have given you but you don’t like, drop off at a charity shop and while you’re there check if there’s something which will brighten up your home, buy it, love it, enjoy it… and take it back next year when you get bored of it! Fading plants they’ve done their job, pick fresh ones up. Cushions throws and lovely new scented candles all play their part. I’ve recently gone through pictures I have around in frames realising they were all reminiscent of times gone by but after a few trips to Snappy Snaps to update with new memories they have a new meaning.

Let’s embrace Dead Feb and use it to replace, refresh and renew so when Spring arrives we can feel ready (and even a little smug).

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