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Dancing on Ice Diary

August 26, 2014

12 March

We went out with a glorious Bang!

What a night Sunday was! I was back on the ice again and it felt brilliant. It was so good to get my skates on and dance with Andy again…and this time, no pressure.

The team were all back together-It was good to see Pamela back, we all wish we had got to know her better. It was certainly a night of emotion but a lot of happiness.

It’s so sad that its over but I think we finished the series with a bang and it was great to see Beth and Dan walk off with the trophy. Matt and Brianne did an excellent job too, it can’t be denied. Both of the Bolero performances were truly excellent, moving dances and it was a tense moment when the winners were about to be announced.

So I may have hung up my boots, (for now) but I will never stop skating; its my new hobby. I have already packed my skates for my next trip to Megeve, France where they have a wonderful indoor and outdoor rink.

I know I will remember and cherish the DOI experience forever. But there were no goodbyes at the party, this business is far too small. I am exhausted though, I spent too much time sucking Vodka on Sunday evening and then had a charity event yesterday…

Here are some pics from the night!



10 March


So I’m back on the ice again… and I feel great.

I think I feel better and even more confident this time round, perhaps as the element of competition has been removed.

It’s the very last show on Sunday and so we are all back together and back in our boots. It’s real now and everything thankfully has come flooding back – of course I was worried I  may have forgotten everything I learnt.

It’s great being back together with the team. On Tuesday I met up with Lauren and we had a good old catch up and then I am headed to the studios today and will catch up with Pamela who is over from the states.

On a sadder note, I am very disappointed for poor old Gareth who was so close to the finishing line but has now had to withdraw due to motion sickness. He was an excellent, strong competitor so to know he is suffering is very sad. It takes me back to my Blue Peter days when I was filming in a jet that was doing a variety of loops, and poor old John Leslie was as sick as a dog. Motion sickness can hit you terribly badly, it’s just awful how it has hit Gareth now. I wish everyone the best of luck for Sunday’s final.



As we approach the final of Dancing on Ice (Sunday 10th March), my excitement has hit an all time high. Admittedly I don’t miss the blisters and the cold…but the thought of putting on my skates once again fills me with joy. I have kept tuned in to what the team have been up to, and it comes as very little surprise to me that the final dancers are Gareth, Matt and Beth. I think these were the expected names to be here at the very end. They attacked the ice with real vigour from day 1 and are certainly the best and most competitive.

We are all returning to the show for the final so it will be great to see everyone. I am looking forward to catching up with Pamela Anderson again, as her fairly prompt and unexpected exit was very sad. Of course aside from the thrill of choreographing a new dance and performing, we have the wrap party after to enjoy and socialise at. As I have always said, DOI introduced me to a great team of people, many of whom I have kept up with well.

Earlier this week I was with Andy, Joe and his partner Vicky Ogden and Oona to celebrate Oona King’s launch of her E-book at the House of Lords. She is a lady of talent and humour as her book easily demonstrates. The book talks about her life as an MP, and although discusses Politics and serious subjects, it remains effortlessly lighthearted and humourous. It was touching to be part of her special moment.

January 31

So as of last weekend I have hung up my Dancing on Ice skates.

As a time consuming, all encompassing show, I woke up on Tuesday with DOI withdrawal symptoms. I need blisters, sequins, spray tans, sparkly nails and aching bones..! I knew I wasn’t going to win but still believe there was s a little bit more left in me. It was however a great day in the show for me to go out. I left having danced my personal best and truly enjoyed the School Disco theme. Having taken on board all the comments, I made it my goal to try a little bit more dancing on my own. I have no regrets; it was an excellent show to be part of.

And, just because I haven’t quite let go yet, here is my dance with Donny Osmond during School Disco week.

If you want to keep up with all the action on the show, this link can share it all with you:


January 24-25

Here are some pics from the last days:





Mackey is Sharron Morrison’s dog she and Maxine are our physiotherapists and the ladies we turn to for just about everything.Outside of serious injury generally the answer is a snuggle with her nearly human dog – and relax


Now you know how Joe keeps his shirt so beautifully tucked in his trousers.


One slipper one skate that’s the way to Dance


January 23

Another 3 hours on opening routine 2 hours polishing Donny and my ‘Save Me’  then mega quick turnaround for The National Television Awards. I’m a real bailer when it comes to things like this and part of me just wanted my bed actually a large part. Howe re found myself in a mini bus with Shane, Luke, Brianne Maria Matt, Samia, Sylvain, Dan and Beth on our way. It was an amazing atmosphere and everywhere I looked there was someone who I recognised. Look in The Mail Online for reports on the evening, few bitchy comments  on my dress bought it in Toronto When i was last there designer is Nicole Miller and frankly I really like it largely because it rams in a case and doesn’t need ironing. Also my arms look they are a bit skinny but that’s how I’m made what do you want me to do about them? I’m 52 shall I go everywhere in a cardigan. I’d love to see some of these people who hide behind PC’s. At least our Jason stands up to be counted when it comes to arrow slinging.

We didn’t win but a few glasses of champaign and some fish and chips chatting to Jane Torvill and Karen Barker was a joy. When we are at the rink it’s all skating talk tonight we talked girl trash and holidays.

January 22


Felt good today not as stressed about the week ahead and when Jane and Chris gave me my School Disco routine and reviled it was Puppy Love the day just got better.

Was a big Donny fan from about 12 later moving on the David Cassidy – Thought he was a little more dangerous – yeh right!

Routine is lovely when Jane dances it I just need to get speed and keep it clean pretending Andy is Donny whilst interpreting the song is actually easy in fact he is a bit of a Donny/David mash!!

In the evening though high concentration was required as opening number is celebs only to Take That’s Kidz choreographed by Kim Gavin. Kim put all the dance routines down for their last 3 concerts and if you’ve seen them or the DVD’s you’ll know he doesn’t do step ball change routines. 3 hours later it was starting to take shape it will if we keep it together look amazing

January 21

Sunday’s dancing on Ice was electric.

I made no bones about the fact I wanted immunity because the thought of losing the public vote and being in a skate off was too much after the terror of last weekend and the difficulty of having to create a new ‘Save Me’ dance on top of everything (you can only use your life line once). However I’m really rubbish at the competitive bit and my elation and relief came at someone else’s peril and it was Shane Wards who I adore. He has to be one of the nicest and funniest blokes you could ever wish to meet. However I was prepared to fall on my sword and as I did would have been wearing one of Pamela Anderson’s rejected costumes.  It admittedly does not show off to much cleavage but the shape is exquisite (will take a picture this week).

Those of us who weren’t in the results show did what we all do best on DOI and ate you have never seen so much food back stage and I’m not talking fruit and energy bars there is something about the environment that hurls you towards chocolate and sweets its like our bodes are craving sugar and treats and for once we so deserve it.

Didn’t like seeing Gareth and Oona in the skate off and it was even worse for my partner Andy Buchanan as Robin Johnstone, Gareth’s partner, is his wife.

When Oona and Mark Hanretty swooped on and then fell for a moment no one could quite take it in. Professionals fall but they had only done a few pushes to get to the centre of the ice. It was clear what had happened and I know by now you will have seen it a million times, but how he came back and skated was beyond me.

Sat on the floor (now a habit of mine) with Oona talking and then packed up and went down to meet up with my family waiting in the Elstree bar. They had travelled from Nottingham and as you can imagine have been every step of the ice with me.

Gareth’s Mum Robin’s Mum Sylvain’s family from france were all there. Its the bit that brings us together and we all look forward to.

Will write more but just had my skate schedule for the week and need to go to bed also been asked to the Television Awards on Wednesday with DOI team so need to go and do a wardrobe raid.

Here are some of the official photos from last night:



January 20


Thank you so much to everyone who supported me last Sunday – it was a trial! Sorry to put you through the anguish again – body aches, rehearsing madly!!

Show starts at 6.15 pm on Sunday evening. Vote lines open around 7.40 pm.

The voting landline telephone number is: 090 20 50 51 (?) and then whatever personal number I am given.

The mobile voting number is: 65 0510 (?) and then whatever personal number I am given.

I smell like a Ralgex plug-in and my spray tan is just about covering the bruises, I’m coughing up sequins and there’s hair extensions everywhere!!!

January 19

Dress rehearsal day so it’s deciding on hair, makeup changes, nails, even spray tan! I needed final fitting for main costume new save me skate costume and if through, next weeks opening number and main show number. Definitely decided on  thicker  tights to hide bruises wow they are big. Love all the costumes it’s probably my favourite room. I’m just standing I front of the mirror having one Chemmy Alcott wore last year altered she came 5 and did so well. My skiing is better than my skating but no way near hers!!!

Had 3 runs at our dual dance my first was rubbish got better by the last go. But not as good as I would have liked. Small brain has 2 numbers in it and I’m frightened of confusing the 2.

January 18

Woke up to a huge dumping of snow still feel like a child when I see it and get exited so ran out and took pictures. Elstree isn’t the most attractive place but in the snow it definitely took on a new look.

Spent some time with Andy working on our 2 routines and then it was a group rehearsal for the opening number.

This group opening  with all pro and amateur skaters involved is new to dancing on ice and puts an extra pressure on Chris and Jayne because dealing with all of us every week I isn’t as easy as just the pros, number one they listen and do, we listen when not chatting and acting like 12 year olds then do what we think they demonstrated which is open to individual interpretation

January 17

Had a good nights sleep for once  and woke up with a little more determination and humour.

It was a good day on the ice made easier by the calming influence of Karen Barber. She has a unique knack of installing confidence into her pupils which as we know is the key to life and most definitely skating

We are all fighting for ice time at the moment Andy and I managed 2 hours at Elstree and then had to travel an hour to Alexander Palace had use of a sectioned part of the rink for 1 and a half hours.

January 16

Today is refers to at DOI as ‘Wobbly  Wednesday’ its the day when there are record falls and general frustration. To be honest I hurt, wasn’t picking things up as quickly As I would like and internally wanted to throw my boots across the ice and run home. Problem is the ice is unforgiving and if you are not concentrating and completely across it mistakes happen. I had a few stupid falls and even managed to bring Andy down.

This Sunday will have to wear tights under my fishnets to hide the bruises.

January 15

Day off but really to catch up on real life and all the boring mondaying things we have to do. To day bizarrely it was a pleasure helped me leave the DOI bubble.  Went and had so e acupuncture at Simon Cheung’s in Cobham. Being seeing this man since I hurt my neck vaulting over a gym horse on Blue Peter and whatever injuries I’ve had over the years he’s definitely assisted in my recovery.  Even if I’m not hurt I pop along for ‘pins’ about once a month and am convinced they keep me going.

Downed a record number of painkillers to stop my rib hurting.

January 14

Woke up this morning and felt I’d been flung at the wall. Sunday drained me but there’s no let up. After the show with the help of Christine B  I downed Chardonnay like apple juice. Partying along was Gareth’s Mum who has the grin of a teenager and Luke’s mum Jill – we made a wine fuelled   pact to be together at his next fight and come hell or high water I’ll keep it.

Chris and Jayne though are ready to choreograph a new routine for me and Andy which is a dual between me and Shane – you’ll never meet 2 more uncompetitive people we are both trying desperately to find a game face but failing madly.

Got to be honest I am struggling today Andy picked me up and we both heard and felt one of my ribs move. Holding back tears as I don’t want to look a wimp  headed to Sharron’s medical room let go a bit, Sharron has seen it all. Hovered much I keep myself fet my older body is never going to be what it was haven’t danced since I was 16 and yet I expect it to still body to still perform the same and it just won’t- pulled myself together got strapped up and back to work.

Finaly, I was sent this today:

Obviously a fan of the show!

January 13

In car to Elstree no going back now it’s going to be a tough day. Can’t help thinking after all the training this could be my last show.

January 8/9


Just keeping my feet on the ice, the more you do it the stronger you become in the early evening practised lifts with Andy and his wife Robin in preparation for next week if we get through and that bit is up to you.

January 7

Back in the studio for all of us to learn an opening routine for show 2

January 6

I’m exited today but also know that this is now the start of what could be a personal success or total disaster for one person. No one wants to be first out and frankly no one deserves to but it’s a game, a television show, partly a skating competition and partly a popularity competition beth has a calm about her I envy but as she explains she has been taking part in competitions since she was about 7 and frankly if you can survive the pressure of the Olympics and the expectations of the Nation this is chicken feed.

The dreaded and feared Jason Gardiner is back, behind the scenes he’s the man you’d want to go out for supper with, charming, funny and highly entertaining, but out there behind his desk The Grinch Samia is first I could see her Mum hold her breath and not exhale until it was over, I did the same, she was beautiful and nailed it. Every other person out on the ice we were willing to do well finally Pam’s turn and I could see the panic in her eyes, she did well not as prices as in rehearsals but if this is her opening dance she’s going to be amazing in a few weeks time.

Once the show came down it was a quick change for the contestants into there ‘Save Me Skate” costume all secretly hoping they are not going to have to perform it. Back on air this is the worst part results are in and given out I can’t speak I can see from the corner of my eye Keith’s wife and when Philip announces he is in the skate off with Pam I can see her pain, she knows how much time effort and emotion Keith has put into this show and if you were a betting person, for a mass of reasons your money would all go to Pam. Keith with his nothing to lose I’m just going to enjoy this face on went out and danced his heart out what more could he do?

Pam and Matt next, 2 two of the best in the competition, she slips that¹s fine still looking good, Matt could catch a butterfly, then there’s obviously something the matter with her dress I couldn’t really see from where I was sitting but there was a gasp thank goodness for nipple covers. Pam was distressed and so was I, then the judges gave their verdict. Talk about loosing perspective I stood up and burst into tears I was crying with joy for Keith and probably more for his wife Maria and equal sadness for Pam. We now knew that no one is safe and you can not predict this show at all. The judges are not biased and you will be judged on your performance on the night.There’s probably only Beth who truly understand this.


Pam hasn’t really mixed with us and I had not felt easy about popping into her dressing room, so got out of my costume put my comedy ‘All in One’ on (I bought it here if you are interested..) and tragic but beautiful seal slippers and knocked on the door. This look is always guaranteed to break the ice!! Matt Evers was sitting on the floor and I joined him. Forget money, fame, infamy, star status hurt is hurt, there are begrudgers, trolls and bullies who are only to ready to pile in at anothers misfortune Pam knew they were circling and there was nothing she could do the higher you climb the harder you fall a cliché but so right. But she’s a professional and has rolled with bigger punches than this I assure her that once back in the sunshine of LA with her feet in the sand she’ll be laughing at the thought of the rest of us still with bread knives strapped to our boots freezing to death!

January 5

Day off for team 2 Yippee

January 4

Dry run of show today it’s treated as live no stopping and in ‘real’ time. Amongst the joviality you can feel the tension in the air from all departments. Pam is very much the star of this series, the trails were built around her and outside T&D so is the opening number. I’m looking at her and she looks tiny, a little frail and nervous also she’s not like the rest of us easy in each others company, larking about and pulling on the British trait of, when the chips are down take the piss. However she performs her 2 numbers with Matt Evers beautifully and I think everyone will be delighted and maybe a little surprised at her performance.

January 3

First day back together since our show and tell. It was a hailstorm of hugs and hello’s in the Green Room at this morning. Also Pamela Anderson joined us for the first time how daunting is this for her?

Before we went on air I ran in for a quick hug with my old mucked Eamon always good to work with him and Ruth it feels so natural, however he was definitely more interested in meeting Pam today.

After TM we all went to get changed into our press conference skating outfit, felt really odd wearing it without skates. A lot of giggling went on as we all changed together in one of the ITV board rooms Pam had her own dressing room and frankly I don’t blame her as we collectively had regressed to the age of 12. Seeing Gareth for the first time in sequins is a sight I’ll never forget.

We posed for all the shots Pam is a lesson in how to pose and I took notes. Actually Lauren was the one who shone she knows how to work the lens and I’d give her a perfect 10.

After all the fun it was sandwich in hand (OMG the glamour) and off to Elstree to rehears the opening number. Oona and I shared a car and talked none stop all the way.

December 2012

Had our first ‘couple’ meeting on the ice with Christopher and Jane. Arrived in good time went through lifts etc with Andy on the floor then on the ice to show what I’ve learnt over the last 5 weeks and felt my legs go to mush skated really badly and was an embarrassment to myself. Now more nervousness of letting Andy down than words can say.

Went to costume fitting at a place in Morden Surrey It was like opening the best dressing up box ever, a girls dream of beautiful materiel, sparkling stones and all round gorgeousness. I need an outfit for the publicity shots one for the first show which I don’t skate in but just need to look the part another for our Skyfall number and finally one for our ‘Save Me’ dance Got to be honest did look like mutton dressed as lamb in a few but our final choices are beautiful. They work so hard the costume department do making everyone look there best and yet be comfortable and confident. After this it was back to Elstree to meet up again with Chris and Jane to choreograph of main dance to Skyfall. Jane and Chris are so hands on and created something for us that when jane dances it looks beautiful and when I perform it a struggle. Towards the end as I wasn’t sure how to hold myself came home with very sore ribs Now sitting in very hot bath again.

Ribs still really painful now have a support I can use during training not very attractive but helping a lot. I have apparently displaced one Sharon has put it back in place but informs me it’ll always be a but wonky – What!!!!

Have this flipping cold and cough every time I use my ribs to cough or sneeze its agony – Please go and let me get on with life – Getting through gallons of honey.

Went to train back at Guildford the rink I feel most at home on Andy and I decided not to go through our routine but just have a mess around skating evening learnt a Waltz jump and a lift that makes you look like an aeroplane taking off. So many nice people who attend the Dance club here all being very supportive of my attempts. When the DOI journey is over I’ll definitely be back for the fun of skating.

Worked with Karen Barber Ex DOI judge, show coach, and one of England’s most successful and beautiful skaters. Many people excel at their chosen subject or sport but it is a gift to be able to pass that knowledge on, Karen with empathy, understanding, and accuracy has that skill and I am blessed to have her helping me. She’s also a good laugh and when this is all over I’m claiming her as my NBF.

Andy Buchanan how luck am I to have you as my skating partner. He is bright funny handsome, cleverly treats me with the encouragement you’d give an 8 year old, has patience, gives me a gentle kick when he can see my confidence and concentration waning. I am in ore of his talent and how he has worked his way through life. I have to stay in this competition for him.

Known as ‘Grandad’ he is master of the training rink


Jenna and Andy


Richard our Director and Joe


We had our first group rehearsal today the last time we were all together was that first day at Alexandra Palace. Wow what a change we are all so much more in control of our feet and are actually starting to love these strange shoes with knives strapped to the bottom.

The opening dance has for the first time all cast members taking Chris’s choreography has brought professionals and us fledglings together in a seamless mix to Florence and the Machine’s Spectrum, but what blows me away every time is seeing Chris and Jane dance. My God it is effortless, beautiful, and I now even more than ever appreciate the art of skating.

We all had to perform our routine in front of everyone it was nerve wracking and I managed to fall before I had even started!! once it was over it was like the biggest weight had gone from my shoulders. Everyone was so good and a million miles away from the strange waddling across the ice we performed on our first day together.

Did a little man over across Andy’s leg tried to avoid a mic pack and heard my bloody rib ping again.

Spent a few hours with John Harris in Epsom Surrey as he tries to sort my back muscles out On his walls are pictures of dancers from Strictly and footballers all with messages scrawled across saying ‘thank you’ Must be in the right place.

Line up officially announced today, no going back all becoming frighteningly real. !!!! Story line seems to be Pamela Anderson verses me, nothing could be further from the truth.

Having my highlights done whilst still holding a hot water bottle to my back and vowing to be more sympathetic to people who have back pain. Can’t believe how tiring pain is.

Gave my Nephews there Christmas skates Wendy not exactly over the moon. She can feel hours of standing in the cold coming on.

Went on a coaching session back to my first and favourite rink Guildford Spectrum Melissa my beautiful coach was relived I had improved since the last time we skated together she is coming to the first show as my Good Luck charm.

All the professional skaters have now gone home for christmas and we will be back together in the New Year. Frankly my body is grateful for the rest skates are going to be put away for a whole week. Yippee

November 2012

More skating and getting to grips with being with a partner. Holds, lifts, general ice etiquette, my little brain in overloaded

Used the ballet room at Guildford. Amazing how easy the moves are off ice! Joking apart practising lifts and moves on the floor before getting on the ice is crucialespecially when you are a beginner

Karen Barber is so exasperated at my lack of direction she presented me with some boot covers that say R, L, and colour code my edges. Feel a right twit

Did loads of sit-ups at the weekend to strengthen my core. Now realise this is the key to Successful skating especially when being lifted

Broken big toe (did this in the summer) hurting today keep massaging it but still looks a funny shape Ran through a French window one evening I thought was open

Think my boots are finally becoming a little softer apparently it takes about 8 months to really bond with your new boots. Professionals have a few pairs on the go.

Fell hard on my bum can’t believe the pain

Slough with the team


At slough needing a sugar rush hate vending machines want to kick this one preferably with my toe pick its now eaten 2 pounds and I have not even a coffee Revel

Sitting looking at floor of seating area in Slough rink have overwhelming desire to clean it.

Just bought my nephews ice skates for Xmas Wendy my Sister is going to kill me as it means her going as well. Happy to lend her my boots

So tiresome being filmed all the time practically given up on make and hair just look a mess and actually don’t care.

Ordered some black boot covers like the ones Karen wears might make my bandy legs look better by the skates not looking so large and glaringly white

I ache today feel old and stiff might get myself a massage.

Went to physiotherapist when I fell I jarred my back and did something to my 5th vertebrae which explains why I hurt so much. A lot of clicking went on and yelps from me. John Harris is a genius he’s an ex footballer himself and the son of the famous Chopper Harris

Had a wobbly day today nothing seemed to go right and instead of getting better I spent 2 hours getting worse. Fear is in my head have to get ride of it. Going to see hypnotist to vanquish my ice demons want to love the ice today I am positively hating it.

Been massaging the broken toe and pain starting to ease

Started to really work on ‘Save Me’ dance which is the one we will perform if we are in the bottom 2 and have to be part of a skate off. Really rams home to me yet again how easy skaters make this look. Doing the individual steps is one thing but linking them together to music coordinating your every move with someone else now at speed is a whole new ball game

Woke up at 3.00 this morning and had to get a panadol and fill a hot water bottle to ease my aching ribs I didn’t hurt when Andy was picking during practice but now they really do

October 2012

On my way to alexandra Palace to have a ‘chat’ with the producers of DOI I’ve been literally bundled in by my manager Micheal and Grant who have both given me the line “no harm in talking

After much deliberation and me pathetically swinging from Yes to No I’m bloody doing Dancing on Ice probably end up peeling my face on the cold white suff but today is a positive day a go for it day.

My lovely boots


Fitted for our boots today. I’m told they will become comfortable at the moment they feel anything but Christopher Dean tells me you wet your socks put then on and walk round the house it’s apparently what footballers do, at the moment It’s not washing with me sounds like a route to blisters. My God its all becoming a little more serious

Today is all about filming our little biog pieces meeting hair and makeup team and being measured for our costumes. The producers are making sure we don’t see anyone else as they want us to look genuinely surprised tomorrow when we officially do however Keith Chegwin is a mate and we can’t keep secrets and from down the corridor I can hear the piercing and distinctive laugh of Jo Pascale , also seen a Welsh Flag in the props box??

Sharron Mrs Fix It for the body


Back at Alexandra Palace booked in for meeting with physiotherapist. Her name is Sharon Morrison and she’s been with Chris and Jane for ever seeing them through their greatest triumphs like Karen Barber she is an integral part of their close knit and highly successful team. You do get the feeling that outside of a breakage this woman will have you diagnosed, mended and back on the ice quicker than I can fall over.

Met everyone today wow what a line up – you’ll read about it. We were all given our boots and once on which is a feat of lacing in it’s self we were each asked to cross the ice well frankly I couldn’t felt such a plonker

Started now properly with Melissa Galvin my skating coach at Spectrum Leisure Ctr Guildford. She plainly has the patience of a Saint but has a struggle on her hands as I won’t let go of them!!!

Won’t bore you with my daily trip inching very slowly to being able to skate – and I mean slowly Some times I come home elated at the minor moves forward and others plain frustrated.

Came home frustrated so tided garage!


Guards – already lost a pair


This you stand on to help your balance

DOI-help_ your_ balance

Andy trying to avoid the camera


Today is a big day in my DOI career I meet my partner and get told what our firs piece of music is to dance to. Well can I tell you when I turned around and saw canadian skater Andy Buchanan standing behind me I had a moment! So handsome with a megawatt smile how could rehearsals be a chore? It gets better our music is Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ I’m pinching myself its my lucky day. Now my greatest concern is not letting Andy down by being useless.

Here’s a few more photos from the past months’ training!

Coach and choreographer Mark


Andy and Mark


Andy, Matt and Brianne


Mark took his hat off and I walked passed him!


Shane and Maria


My God does she work the camera look!


Me and Beth she will be in the final


Joe Dan & Vicky It’s his normal face!


The Training rink Elstree


DOI Mascot he’s been there since series one show one


Our dancing list for show and tell


Grandad’s Xmas message


Me and my NBF Dan


Gary in Press is much better looking


Christopher’s Thrown by the training rink


Rink in Megeve, France which one day I will skate across


Costume for Press call at ITV


Me and Gareth in our sparkles


Luke laughing over a Tweet


Luke and Gareth looking hard in spangles


Shane’s Doodles


Me Luke Gareth and Oona


Then it got silly!


What a team


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