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Cosy Up – The personal touches that make a home

August 29, 2014

When it comes to creating a home, what makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy is the right choice for you. The style you choose for your decor, the accessories you select and the ornaments and pictures that add beauty and individuality are very personal. Take inspiration from the avalanche of advice to be found in interior design magazine but don’t be dominated by them. Certain looks or items may be this season’s ‘must have’ but if you hate them there’s no place for them in your home!

My Top 10 Ways to Cosy Up

Make an entrance


Try and make the area around your front door attractive and welcoming. Keep the paintwork in a good state of repair and metal door fittings gleaming. A matching pair of tubs of seasonal flowers or miniature trees can frame the entrance beautifully.

An inviting hallway


Keep it light and free of clutter – no one wants to be tripping over stuff as soon as they enter your home! If your hall is small and narrow keep it free of furniture and hang a large mirror on the wall to reflect the light.

Your living room


Use pale colours for the walls, floors and furnishings and then let your style shine through with vibrant curtains, rugs and cushions.



Decorate an area of the room with attractive mirrors to reflect the light and add a feeling of spaciousness. Have a hunt around in the charity shops and flea markets to pick up some real gems.

Curtains, swags and tie-backs


Window dressings give you an opportunity to be creative, whether you’re making curtains, buying them, having them made or revamping existing ones to create a new look. Simple, rustic or elaborate – the choice is yours.



These not only make a room look cosy and comfortable but can also help to tie a design together by introducing complementary or accent colours. Look in the sales or online to find some beautiful bargains.

Light up your life


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create atmosphere in a room. Add to the main light with carefully positioned table lamps, standard lights and spotlights.



These look fabulous around the home when they are maintained properly… but they look sad and depressing when they are dying or dusty. Choose plants that complement the decor of your room and read the care instructions properly!

Fresh Flowers


A few vases of fresh flowers will undoubtedly enhance your home. Keep it simple – there’s nothing more beautiful than a vase of daffodils or lilies.

Candle light


Nothing beats a few beautiful candles for giving a home a warm and inviting glow. Grubby and dusty candles, however, will have the opposite effect!

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