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April 3, 2022

Everywhere I look I’m seeing colour, flowers, fashion even cars are looking brighter, it’s like a whole group of people got together 12 months ago and predicted Spring 2022 we’d needed cheering up! More importantly, in the depths of our wardrobes, there are patterned clothes with clashing colours we’ve kept, these clothes have been biding their time waiting to come out and sparkle again.

I pulled out a blue and white paisley blouse which according to the magazines I can now wear with the same colour but different pattern cigarette pants. It’s a stretch, but I honestly can’t wait to try it out. Did you know there was once a British Colour Council? Founded in 1931 its job was to create a dictionary of colours to help unify descriptions for interior designers, fashion houses, horticulture, map designers, even to coordinate flags and bunting for the 1937 coronation of George VI. They disbanded in the 50’s but during their time they named and described 378 colours and shades.

Secretly I’ve spent my life being slightly envious of those who can look good in taupe they have that classic slightly Mediterranean look, everything they wear (even if it’s not) looks expensive because they keep to a simple pallet which is various Pantone shades of black, grey, navy, white, and brown. Minimal accessories, nothing garish and if a pattern occurs it will be a Hermes looking scarf and no more. They can carry this casual wardrobe through all seasons and when it comes to packing because of their consistency they can effortlessly and very quickly pull together a look. Even bikinis will stay within this classic pallet – Oh the joy!  I think my wardrobe looks like at least 4 different people own it, which means dressing can be confusing. Not only do I have to consider where I’m going and what the weather is like but how I’m feeling and who am I today? And then there’s accessorising, most men are unencumbered by this art but as all women know it’s a fashion category in its own right with our own Queen Elizabeth at the very top of the class. Never has she been seen with the wrong handbag, shoe, jewellery combination and let’s not forget one of my favourite quotes from the Mayor’s Widow Clairee in Steel Magnolias “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize”

Bringing colour into our home at this time of the year will trigger our happy hormones so get busy with colourful cushions, throws and you know my favourite inexpensive flower which is still in abundance is the humble Daffodil.

This is a picture of me standing with a whole array of them brought along to my Friend Dorothy’s 90th Birthday party. I picked the basket up for £8.00 from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, the plants were all from Homebase and honestly, it was one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever had the pleasure of handing over to someone, Yellow Heaven and smiles all round. Happy Spring!



Anthea X


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