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Christmas isn’t a season it’s a feeling

November 9, 2016

Sarah Jones is the UK’s leading lifestyle and holistic expert. I caught up with her to talk about Christmas and the impact colour has on us at this time. Head to her website for more information regarding Sarah Jones.

Colour therapy is a useful tool for ensuring that your Christmas celebrations go as smoothly as possible. Colour affects us on many different levels working through the endocrine system on all our body functions and through the mind to influence our moods and emotions.

I have listed a few of my favourite holistic home ideas to brighten up your Christmas!


glass of crimson-coloured wine or wearing a red dress will make you feel alive as red is the most energising and warming of all colours and stimulates blood flow by increasing our heart rate. Psychologically it motivates us and gives us a zest for life.

Golden and Yellow

Decorate your home with golden balls to boost your nervous system and make you unflappable. Yellow stimulates the nervous system and fights fear on a psychological level.


A green fir tree is great for taking the stress out of Christmas as green is scientifically proven to be a calming colour, hence why hospital walls are painted green!


Light a silver candle for instant inspiration. Silver is similar too white in that it reflects natural light into our eyes so increasing our mental alertness.

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