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Christmas Has Come Early

November 23, 2022

I loved, loved, loved, opening last week’s copy of My Weekly and seeing The Mindfulness Advent Calender – what a gorgeous idea, whoever thought of it should go to the top of the Christmas class now.

So, spurred on by this initiative I went rummaging for the little drawer calendar I thought was up there in the loft. After 30 mins of looking I remembered I’d given it to a charity shop last year because it was one of the seven dwarfs and Happy just wasn’t cutting anymore. Straight on to Etsy and found a beauty – we’ll have it for ever, much cheaper than the ones I’ve been looking at in the shops and made by a lady in Norwich who can customise so I’ve had the number of our house put on it (can’t move now!). I’ve decided on twelve sweet treats and twelve sweet actions split equally between Mark and myself to take us up to Christmas Day. Some can be for each other and others random acts of kindness. So far mine to Mark are along the lines of 2 vouchers for me to do the dreaded late night dog walk which as the nights are now cold and dark we both hate with a passion, but when you live in the city there’s no nipping out into the garden in your slippers for that late night pee pee, it’s a minimum of two streets and five lampposts!  A random act of kindness is to stop and think, who’s on their own, possibly a little lonely and would a call to pop round for a kitchen supper be just what they need. Or buy a miniature christmas tree and pop it on someone’s doorstep saying ‘Love from Santa’ I’m sure you’ll have a great time with yours knowing that once you’ve opened the drawer you have 24 hours to either eat or act.

I’ve noticed if you are shopping on line many of the free delivery options are only there until end of November so that’s a good reason to get a spurt on as delivery costs soon mount up.

I’m getting ready to get out my faux christmas trees I invested in two years ago. When I mention this to people who haven’t seen them I get, “How could you? Real trees are so much nicer and the smell is wonderfull” Those who’ve visited tell me how beautiful my trees look and compliment me on their aroma permeating through the house. Little do they know the aroma comes in a spray bottle and my trees, are all perky and can easily stand the weight of my decorations and lights thanks to the box they’ve come out of and will go back into. However gorgeous your tree, in 2 weeks the aroma has gone, branch droop begins and the sight of abandoned trees on pavements who for a brief time were so majestic actually upsets me. However my door wreath will be a thing of natural beauty, for many years now I’ve bought a cheap plain fir base, fired up the glue gun and made it look amazing.  Have a go, it doesn’t have to be pricey, some sprayed fir cones and berries can make it look stunning with a bit of old ribbon and a bit of imagination.


Anthea x

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