Change those rooms, please!

January 5, 2012

blog-frustrationChanging rooms in shops – This really annoys me! If I had a shop I would want help my exasperated customer (who is standing in front of a mirror in their mismatching bra, pants and dodgy old socks because they think no one is going to see them) by making the process of trying on clothes easy.

Yesterday I called into Marks and Spencer’s in Guildford to do a little bra shopping (you can’t beat them for ‘worker bras’). After pulling together a collection of different styles I then had the hideous task of trying them on. I can’t say I was looking my best but to rub salt into my fragile ego the room was unattractive had only one hook to hang anything on. Plus the lighting was the sort that they flick on in a night club when its chucking out time and shows up every blotch and imperfection. I couldn’t have got out of this cell quickly enough and truly think I would have bought more if I hadn’t been so traumatised!

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