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Candles and home comforts

August 9, 2016

Finally I’ve found an Aroma Diffuser that does the job and actually looks nice! I’m so exited it’s going down as my best buy of the summer. I’m slightly obsessed by aromas and have a nose like a bloodhound. Homes should first of all smell of ‘nothing’ which means they are fresh and clean. After that it’s a little like putting on a perfume and its all about personal choice.

candles-confortEspecially in the evening there will always be a candle lit somewhere in my home and, a little like clothes I have my everyday (often bought in bulk on Achica or Secret Sales) and then I have my very best which are a treat to light.

These are treated with great reverence adored and don’t come better than Jo Loves created by Jo Malone. Everyone is a gem and has the ability to uplift and calm in equal measures.

Her shop is in London’s Elizabeth Street but the descriptions on her website are so deliciously accurate – take it from me you can’t go wrong. There’s also not a fragrance I wear that isn’t Jo’s and I promise you once you’ve discovered her amazing range that compliments the way you present yourself to the world all others will be removed from your life. My personal favourite is Pomelo followed closely by Shards of Cedar and Red Thyme.

air-sprayNow this little number was recommended to me by a friend and I have been hooked on it ever since.

Called Puressentiel Purifying Air spray it boasts 41 essential oils in is ingredient, spray this around and you will feel like you’re living in a spa.

You need very little, seems to last for ever, and its simply amazing best deals on it I have found on Amazon who give it 6 stars.

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