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Candle fixation

September 16, 2014

product_main_302x356px_frangipani_wild_reseda_cI know I’m not alone with my Candle fixation.

Wether they are aromatic or in lanterns candles just make a room twinkle and definitely add that homely relaxing touch.

They also make a great gift, I bulk buy knowing that I’ll never be caught out, I can always pop one in a bag with a flurry of tissue and when I hand it over there will be a genuine smile and “Thank you”

But why are some so expensive and other ridiculously cheap? Well I’ll tell you because i asked that very question to my friend Jo Malone the lady who reinvented the scented candle and made it the ultimate gift. Without going into to much detail broadly speaking the scent which is what draws us in and costs the money is only in probably the top 10% of the candle of the dirt cheep candles the rest is just burning wax.

Currently i’m lighting a Jo Loves candle. I’m totally in love with it as I am her perfume. The Candle was a gift for my birthday back in May so as you can tell I’ve been a little circumspect with the matches but when I strike wow.



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