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Breast foot forward…

May 2, 2012


Dear Friends,

“Oh no,” you are saying, “not another fund raiser!!!!”

Well what can I say? Yes it is and after weeks of ‘Titing’ around (pardon the pun) we’ve finally got our official fundraising page together for the ‘Racey Reger’ team.

As you can see from this rather glam photo of Me, Jilly Johnson and Nina Carter we mean business – especially Nina!


Not actually sure that without Brian Aris’s wonderful lighting and a rather superb make-up artist we will be looking quite the same at 12 o’clock on Saturday May 12th but by then who cares.

Everyone takes part in this event for their own reason but collectively it raises a massive amount of money which we hope and pray will one day eradicate this disease from our lives. We’ve all been touched by cancer directly or indirectly, the amazing lady who’s label is on our Bras ‘Janet Reger’ died from Cancer and is missed by her friends and family every day.

Whatever you can do to help we will be eternally grateful.

Anyone who has gone to a page set up by me don’t worry –  the payments all go into the same pot so big huge sloppy kisses and…

Thank you!

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