Beauty tips

July 29, 2016

nail2It’s always good to have friends in the know, especially in the beauty industry. Whilst I was experiencing one of her amazing CACI Treatments, my good friend Frankie Kenny pushed into my hands the elixir of all hand creams – ‘Hand Chemistry’ – packed with 19.5% of active ingredients, all designed to keep our hands looking youthful. I now don’t go anywhere without it! The problem I find with hand cream is that although we know we should use it most of us don’t want the slippery feel on our hands when we are going about our day. My little tip is to squirt some on the back of your hands and just rub them together back to back – that way your palms are clear but the area most affected by the elements gets moisturized. You can also add a drop of sunscreen for double protection.

It’s so important to look after your hands and feet, I’ve picked up ‘the nail bar habit’ and I have to admit I’m slightly obsessed. My nails are the worst, naturally weak and the nail bed is small. However, to make them look half decent I have acrylic applied with a gel french manicure over the top, and anyone who says ‘Acrylic ruins your real nails” my answer is I don’t care, I’ve not seen my real nails for 14 years.

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