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Be Your Own Pass/List Goddess

December 2, 2022

I read a headline in a newspaper I love and hate in the same sentence. It asked the question ‘Is it possible to have a greener Christmas?’ well if being ‘Green’ is about using less energy and recycling we’re probably doing that already with little room for improvement, so is there anything else we can really do? Even during times of plenty, food waste has always appalled me. I’ve never been one to squander this vital resource and am the Queen at playing ‘Ready Steady Cook’ in my fridge, freezer, and cupboard. Planning, preparation, and good portion control is vitally important if you don’t want to waste money. So this week make the list of all lists (you know how I love a list!) and please don’t forget the shops are only actually closed for one day. Yes, one tiny little day, nothing more, just like years ago before Sunday trading. One tip I will offer you this week is on the subject of portion control; I’ve learnt at my peril the curse of the buffet. To make your table look heavily festive like those Iceland adds it’s tempting to put twice the amount out than is actually needed. So, to stop this happening, plate up – create in your kitchen a ‘Pass’ (we see these all the time on restaurant programmes Gordon Ramsey is in his element standing behind one screaming and shouting). My turn to run a pass came  when I was a contestant on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ with Marco Pierre White and was picked to control it for Dynasty’s’ Linda Evans in the series final (she was up against a very competitive Ade Edmondson) Can’t say I did much shouting but was definitely firm and turned into a portion control freak. Everything I learnt about running a professional kitchen during my time on that show I still used when entertaining at home.

The Pass is your serving conveyer belt and all you need are a few willing hands to take the finished plates out to your appreciative dinners. This places you in full control of portion and presentation, warm plates are a must and action must be quick, remembering your lovely clean hands (as Albert Roux once told me) are your finest kitchen implement when plate arranging at the Pass.

Not one to brag but we won! Linda took the crown and I was overjoyed and danced a happy dance with one of television’s Goddesses.

So be your own Pass/List Goddess and you’ll find very little will be wasted.

PS Ade was a complete two-faced twat with female issues because his wife is nicer and more successful than him – OK Stuart maybe we’ll leave that bit out !!


Love Anthea X


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