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November 8, 2021



Well haven’t we been lucky with some crisp Autumn days I’m loving them and today after last week’s letter to you I’m going out to buy Gourds and play around arranging them. Totally delighted to hear we have a My Weekly book podcast coming out because I’m one of those people who immediately and with great enthusiasm want to proffer my book finds and in turn hear about others. And as luck would have it I’ve just put down a book to throw into the ring which I believe is very ‘us’ If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I popped over to Cyprus last week, part work, part pleasure, but if you can get pleasure out of your work it’s a lucky day. My travelling treat, car, train, plane, beach, or park is to have my nose in a good book, at home I’m too distracted or, do I distract myself? That’s probably the correct answer.

Before getting on the plane I stood like, we’ve all done, in WH Smiths surrounded by titles desperately wanting to pick the right one because reading time is precious, there it was, jumping straight out at me ‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig I must be the only person in the world who’d not heard of it because it’s a multi-million copy best seller (said that on the front) The story is based around a character called Nora who’s in a bad way regretting moves she’s made and equally hasn’t made in her life. On the day she’s ‘decided’ to die Nora finds herself transported to The Midnight Library and there given a chance to undo her regrets by trying out each of the lives she could have lived. It’s a brilliant premise, fun, enlightening and most of all life affirming trust me you’ll enjoy it and just might feel better about your list of ‘what if’s’

My next reading idea might sound odd, but have you ever as an adult read a children’s classic and discovered a completely different layer of story telling you never cottoned on to as a child? My tip for this is C.S Lewis’s ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ I picked up a copy recently in London’s Portobello Market on a stall very near to the travel book shop made famous by Hugh Grant’s character William Thacker in the film ‘Notting Hill’. You honestly don’t have to have the excuse of a child to read it to, you are the child and with hot chocolate and PJ’s tuck yourself up and enjoy one of Narnia’s most beautiful tales, then clean your wardrobe out!!



Anthea X

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