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Vanity and Fear!

July 31, 2021

Hello, I always look forward to my Thursday chat with our Editor Stuart about the articles he and the team are working on and this week in relation to one of them he asked me a question which I answered very quickly and as you and I have learnt by now those quick reactions good and bad are the honest ones. They are the answer we come out with before going into some long explanation where we try to sound…

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Media Life

Anthea Turner invites the nation to tuck in to a big lunch this summer

June 24, 2021

DURING June, the #MonthofCommunity will see charities and communities across the UK coming together to reconnect, celebrate and fundraise for local good causes that have struggled over the past year. Anthea has pledged her support to the initiative and is encouraging other communities and charities to celebrate the Month of Community by throwing a Big Lunch. During a visit to meet children and young people who are beneficiaries of Action for Children, Anthea joined in their Big Lunch event at…

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