Anthea Turner Home is a company that specialises in creating show homes

ATHOMESometimes it is difficult for buyers to fully appreciate how the vast empty space of a new build will look when furnished. By making them feel that all they want to do is put down their suitcase and move in when they walk through the door, helps the customer make a decision and gives the seller a great advantage.

What is also often forgotten when selling any home old or new is how it’s going to look in pictures; believe you me that what looks good to the naked eye dosen’t always look good through the camera lens. I always say “less is more” and if you don’t know what you’re doing please ‘No Fruit No Flowers’.

Therefore we offer a service to work with sellers and estate agents to make sure a home is presented to the best of its ability so when buyers are searching you have the best possible opportunity of making them stop and look at yours.

De-clutter and present your home; two birds with one stone

Don’t forget you are going to be inviting buyers into your home and, again, you want to give yourself an advantage. So, as you are selling and moving it’s just about the best time to have a ruthless clear out which kills two birds with one stone. Sometimes we all need fresh eyes on our home and someone to be tough with us.

Thought you’d like a look around a Chalet I refurbished and decorated in the French Alps: