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Add a Bit of Glam To Your Winter Outfit

December 7, 2022

I was asked this week to contribute to an article written by Actress Julie Peasgood about favourite toys you had as a child. While chatting I realised that imagination played a great part in our childhood entertainment ‘Let’s Pretend’ was the prefix to a whole host of games. Mine included playing ‘Police’ Mum’s mini was our Panda Car the dog was recruited, and we’d take turns playing the burglar complete with swag bag, comedy stripy t-shirt and mask. Then there was another favourite ‘Shop’ attached to groceries, borrowed from the cupboard, Mum fixed prices to them and with pretend money we shopped till we dropped. Weighing and wrapping up vegetables was a favourite of mine and the till I’d had one Christmas made the most appreciative noise when the keys were pressed, I loved that till so much. It also featured in playing Post Office, Cake shop and Hairdressers. Dad, who loved his hair being played with would sit in a chair nodding off while we back combed, rollered, lacquered his 60’s mop. Ribena and a biscuit was offered with the bill which had to be paid in full with a tip. School was another one and for that we just needed a blackboard and a few willing pupils these were mainly dolls and bears some of which I still have. Brian, King of all bears has weathered many of life’s storms with me and to this day sits in the bed as regal as the day he fell into my arms in 1960 when Dad went to Germany and returned home with a proper straw filled Teddy Bear the type who’d never be put in the washer. So has the art of ‘Let’s Pretend’ gone? Sadly, I think it has but then again if I’d been handed an iPad I’d have grabbed it with both hands.

On a completely different subject it’s party time and what better way to winter and glam up an outfit than with a little faux fur. I invested in two wraps last year and I can’t tell you how useful I’ve found them one cream and the other black honestly worth every penny and if you look around there are colours galore and preloved ones at great prices. Accessorising is a fashion must it’s amazing the life you can breathe into an old, trusted dress with a little ingenuity. And talking of ingenuity I was descended on by 3 friends with not a huge amount in the fridge however I always keep, especially over Christmas, smoked salmon (most I buy on offer and freeze) and with a heap of scrambled egg, lemon, cut chives cracked black pepper and toast everyone feasted. It’s a plate that’s all in the presentation so no sweating over pans and clears away easily


Love AT XX


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