A night with the stars

March 10, 2013

Blog-March2013-ApplausestoreI think it’s always good to try and experience different things… and even better if it doesn’t cost too much.

So, why not go and be part of a TV audience. If you’ve never done it before, it’s certainly an eye opener and something to cross off your bucket list – (with only your travel costs to incur as another major plus).

You might meet your favourite stars; or at the very least get a glimpse of them in action and be a little closer to them.

Take a look at as they are probably one of the best in the business at organising this experience.  Get yourself in an audience with Ant & Dec, Got to Dance Live, Britain’s Got Talent or Michael Parkinson’s Masterclass.

The most popular quote is always, “Everything and everybody looks smaller in real life”.

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