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June 5, 2021


Well due to the state of the sky above me (this is the wettest May on record since 1967) I’ve just Googled ‘Can I go to Greece?’ but after wading through the rather long complicated arrangements with numerous caveats laid down on the UK Government’s website to get in and my friend calling who after ticking every box has just had her BA flight cancelled to Mykonos, I’ve put the idea to one side and Googled Devon. Thankfully even my boyfriend Mark, who I’ve previously mentioned, needs gas and air if leaving the London on any mode of transport other than a plane has become a willing ‘Staycation’ pupil. As a Teacher my personal knowledge of the UK’s holiday hot spots is actually quite good, I even once presented an ‘About Britain’ Holiday programme and via other shows such as Blue Peter, Wish You Were Here, and even the National Lottery I clocked up enough locations to make me good in a pub quiz.

However, when filming you are often on a very tight schedule so never have time to stop take in and savor these glorious locations. Upshot is there are many places I’ve had a taste of and would dearly like to return. So where are they? Well, they range from the Burgh Island in South Devon, its hotel was made famous by Agatha Cristy she renamed it Soldier Island in her book ‘And Then There Were None’ to the Isle of Raasay in the Inner Scottish Hebrides. Raasay, incidentally was where we filmed SAS – Who Dares Wins and I descended headfirst into its freezing sea from a hovering helicopter and yes, even after that I still want to go return. But this time the only water I will be immersing myself in will be the bath at the Islands only hotel and beautiful hotel now owned and loved by the islanders themselves.

Spent time this week supporting The Daily Mail who are championing ‘The Great British Spring Clean’ in conjunction with ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ We shot pictures in my spiritual oasis Battersea Park London. It begins on the 28th May and goes on until 13th June. Obviously, as we’re not litter louts I hear you say “it should never stop we should always be cleaning” but sometimes you have to create an event to highlight a terrible problem which can you believe is getting worse. Currently, every time someone drops litter, they are contributing to a Billion-pound clean-up bill.  With this figure in my mind, I often imagine what our parks,  would be like if we could spend that money on gardening and more community facilities.

Let’s keep dreaming and being the eternal optimists, because according to Mark K Setton

Founder of website ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ optimistic people is happier and healthier.


Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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