A feast for our feathered friends

May 28, 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hate waste,  especially food. It pains me when people throw good food out just days passed its so called sell by date and I support all initiatives which are trying to bring sense to this senseless obsession. We know when something has gone off – just use your eyes and nose for goodness sake! Anyone with animals will always have less waste… my ducks at the moment have joined the food queue and are loving blended bits of chicken, rice and vegetables. I keep away from giving them bread as large amounts are as bad for them (as it would be for us). Everything I give them has been coarsely blended to help their digestion.

Maybe next time you go along to your local pond you could take them something similar which has more nutritional value than chunks of white bread. One of my favourite websites for general reference has a good page on the subject.

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