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A champion day out

June 13, 2011

blog-Alex_BastidoOne of the most beautiful women to walk this earth and I certainly looked up to in the 70’s when I was the worst dressed teenager ever was Alexandra Bastedo. My God how can one woman be given so much, perfect figure, beautiful face thick hair and golden tan. She was on bill boards promoting oil, magazines couldn’t get enough of her she dazzled us in the original Casino Royale but the show that made this talented actress famous and was a firm favourite of mine and Wendy’s was ‘The Champions’.

Now, if you are to young and have never seen it but love retro entertainment like early Star Trek and Lost in Space, The Avengers please pick it up on DVD. I’ve just looked on Amazon and you can get the whole series of £59.00 – cheaper if used. Anyway the reason for telling you this is that Alex invited me down last weekend at her animal sanctuary in West Chiltington in the South of England. It was a stunningly beautiful summer’s day and Champions Sanctuary was holding an open day for visitors to see the work they do and of course raise funds.

Please take a look at the website For a full report from Alex on the day and all the animals she looks after. Apart from 2 Pot Bellied pigs called Ant and Dec I fell in love with my favourite picture of the day and the one I’ll treasure of me Alex and her husband, Director Patrick Garland.

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