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Transition Season

November 8, 2021


How’s your seasonal transition going? I’m just about dealing with those beautiful leaves that gave us such a glorious display of colour now everyday falling to the ground and with Halloween just around the corner Winter is well and truly on its way. I honestly wish I could go round gluing them all back on because seeing them on the floor makes me a little sad however, inspired by my trip to Chelsea Flower show (Autumn version due to its Covid Spring cancelation) I’m now seeing vegetables in a whole new light, not just to eat but as a way of bringing colour into our homes. They are literally my new flower arrangements and as I’m eventually going to eat them.. arguably far more cost effective. Vegetables in baskets in the kitchen, making them into table decorations… the opportunities are endless.

Spurred on by our friends in the States we have fully embraced Halloween and that includes their love of placing pumpkins in as many places as possible. I first witnessed this glorious site filming in Canada, we left the city of Toronto for the suburbs on a crisp October morning, as we arrived on a very normal Ontario housing estate my eyes popped out on stalks, here everyone plainly was in competition with their neighbor to have the best Halloween arrangement and I totally loved it. Pumpkins have become a favorite of mine not only to look at but to roast and turn into soup and what is the best way to serve the soup? In a pumpkin!  Here are a few pictures of mine to inspire you together with a display I saw at Chelsea Flower arranged by Medwyns of Anglesey and finally Greta who sadly according to her owner Matt Oliver had grown too large to be tasty.

Love Anthea x

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