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February 2013


Bills arrives in Guildford… a foodies haven

February 28, 2013

My Step Daughter Claudia and I had a recent Guildford shopping trip. As usual I spent far too much money in The Courtyard, who incidentally (if you are local to the area) have a fab sale on this week. After exhausting Urban Outfitters, we decided a snack was needed.  I have heard from so many people about Bills… and I do feel like the last one to join the party, but what a great place to hang out and eat. It’s got…

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Perfect Home

Beautiful homes

February 9, 2013

My passion for homemaking sees me trawling websites, magazines and books endlessly for inspiration and new ideas. There are some fantastic, visually gorgeous sites out there, which we could all take hints from.  You just have to choose the look that works for you. Take some inspiration from – voted by The Sunday Times as one of the top ten best home online stores. Of course you can’t have a beautiful home without a bit of organisation. Just looking at this…

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Spring is in the air

February 4, 2013

Just a raise in the temperature has got my nose outside and starting to look forward to spring. Yes I know a little early but these things excite me. Also Gardening Express sent me an email, which I couldn’t help trawling through. Take a look at the Heathers, I make full use of this amazing, hardy and yet attractive plant – I have loads of them in Surrey and even more in France. As we are not there all the time, plants have to…

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