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February 2011


Salad Surprise

February 28, 2011

Put this together really quickly last night and enjoyed it so much I took a picture! Just throw these ingredients together and serve… Lettuce Pine nuts Pulled chicken Streaky bacon Poached eggs Avocado Splash of olive oil, salt and pepper…

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Personal Life

Tribute to Digger

February 4, 2011

Sadly we have come to the end of our time with the beautiful, funny, mischievous Golden Retriever we call Digger. He has fought the most amazing battle with Cancer but this distractive disease which affects humans and animals has won. I can’t describe the pain we, as a family, are going through and how his death is affecting me and my husband and Digger’s brother, Buddie, who is showing signs of missing his sibling .  They are our babies, they are part of…

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